5 Cool Electric Buses That Can Be Spotted On The Indian Roads


Electric buses are the face of advanced public transport that the people and the environment deserve. India has already taken the first step towards making this endeavour successful.

Indian roads are gradually being occupied by the cleaner and more efficient electric vehicles. The rise of EVs in India is certainly a boon considering the high fuel prices and the rising levels of global warming. Taking this endeavour a step further, the government of India has also introduced electric buses in certain cities and it has become quite common to spot an electric bus on Indian roads. 

Here are 5 cool electric buses that you can easily find plying in India.

 Tata Starbus Urban 9/12m Ac Bus


Photo Credit: www.buses.tatamotors.com

Tata motors is leading the electric bus market with their Tata Starbus Urban 9/12m AC bus. It is a technologically advanced vehicle equipped with a 186 kWh L-ipn battery which produces 145 Kw of constant power and a maximum power output of 245 Kw. It has a massive range of 150 kilometre and a special regenerative braking system enhances the efficiency of this vehicle. Tata Starbus Urban 9/12m AC bus has a top speed of 75 kilometre per hour.

Ashok Leyland Circuit S


Photo Credit: www.ashokleyland.com

Ashok Leyland is a household name in the commercial vehicle industry. Ashok Leyland Circuit S electric bus is equipped with a 500 Kwh battery which provides a range of 50 kilometre in one charge. This bus has a fast battery swapping technology that allows a speedy battery change under 2 minutes at any Sun Mobile Battery Station in the city. The bus has a 30 passenger plus D seating capacity and is comparatively lightweight.



Photo Credit: olectra.com

It has become very common to spot an OLECTRA electric bus on Indian roads. The company has a sizable contract to manufacture electric buses in India and manufactures premium commercial buses. The OLECTRA electric bus has a massive range of 250-300 kilometre per charge. The Olectra C9 is powered by two 180 kW L-ion electric motors that can generate 3000 Nm of torque and up to 480 bhp. The battery can be fully recharged in 2-3 hours with fast charging. It can accommodate 45-49 passengers at once and is a perfect bus for long distance travelling.

JBM Eco-Life Electric


Photo Credit: jbmbuses.com

The JBM Eco-Life Electric Bus is India’s first 100% electric bus. This bus is powered by a L-ion battery which provides a really good range of approximately 250 kilometre per charge. The bus has an electric motor which produces 80 to 160 kWh of power. It takes 2-3 hours to get fully recharged with fast charging. This bus is loaded with features like CCTV cameras, Stop request button, Panic button for emergencies, etc.

Olectra eBuzz K6 LuXe


Photo Credit: olectra.com

Olectra Greentech Limited launched this 7-meter electric minibus in 2018. It is the first of its kind to be manufactured in India. The Olectra eBuzz K6 LuXe is powered by a 180-kWh motor which produces up to 1800 Nm torque. The L-ion battery provides a maximum range of 200 kilometre per charge. It is also equipped with regenerative braking which enhances the overall efficiency of the vehicle. It has a top speed of 80 kilometre per hour and the battery can be fully recharged in3-4 hours with fast charging.


Electric buses are not only impressive in their capacity and power but also in the amount of pollution they are going to curb. The future is cleaner and greener with such public transport.

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