Covid Transmission Within Homes Is On The Rise: Kerala Health Minister


The state health minister has asked people to strictly follow health department instructions.


Kerala Health Minister Veena George said on Thursday that the latest statistics show that the COVID-19 disease transmission within homes is increasing in the state.

According to the press release, a study conducted by the department of health showed that 35 per cent of cases were transmitted within homes.

“When a person in the house gets infected, it is transmitted to everyone in the house. This is because the home quarantine guidelines are not strictly followed. Only those who have required facilities at home can prefer home quarantine, others should shift to domiciliary covid care centers (DCC),” said Veena George in a press release.

The health minister asked people to strictly follow the instructions of the health department. Those who are in the home quarantine should not step out of the room. Everyone in the house should wear a mask. No one else should use the utensils or articles used by the patient. Everyone in the house should wash their hands frequently with soap to avoid transmission of virus.

The minister also released a set of directions that should be followed by the people to avoid the spread of the virus.

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