Shruti Haasan opens up on facing negative comments for her goth fashion, says ‘people called me chudail, vampire’!


New Delhi: Classic actor Kamal Haasan’s elder daughter Shruti Haasan is a trained musician and actress. Her love for music often takes her to various countries on the globe and she loves heavy metal. 

In an interview with, Shruti Haasan opened up on how some people could not understand her gothic fashion style. She said, “When I took a break from the movies for a while and started focusing on my music, writing stories in London, I decided to go back to the same. So a lot of people were like what’s going on but some people said she has always been this and has gone back to same. Some people didn’t understand it and said she looks like a vampire, horror or chudail. I used to be like it’s okay you can call it whatever you want. You can keep saying me chudail, that is my aesthetic and it makes me feel powerful. Now they gave up.”

Further, she shared how her style is inspired from all the literature she has read and knowledge gained over the years. “Of course, I’m inspired. The music I have grown up listening to, the literature I read, novels, and everything I have grown up reading from that world. I love heavy metal. When I was younger, I loved being that unexpected package in all black. Immediately, when people saw me they would say- ok this is what she is about. That’s what clothing does right. It immediately expresses and shows people a part of what you are. Even for my films, I would be like can we do more of this just for a song or can I help with the stylish of the song and have black leather. But after a point, I got advised by the people can you not dress like this for the events…They were not wrong I think…then I used to be like then when I would go abroad I can wear such clothes. So it has come back to what I always loved. I always loved this sort of and always felt comfortable dressing in that. Because being different made you special and not weird. it was actually a good thing. Now I have 2 sides- one is what I show to play the characters and the rest of the time I can be Shruti and get permission to be what I want to be.”


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